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After years of producing high-quality live streaming of sports broadcasts, Jackson
Academy launched the Raider Network in the fall of 2015. The Raider Network’s formation served multiple goals of the broadcast program. These goals included increased student involvement, further expansion beyond the athletic arena, and to further build a professionally operated live broadcasting network.

The Jackson Academy Raider Network broadcasts various athletic and extracurricular activities over the internet. With almost 1,000,000 minutes watched every year, the Raider Network has become a widely recognized high school broadcast production in the Southeast. Various organizations have solicited the Raider Network to produce their live events, such as the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, Shorter Productions, Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, and the University of Mississippi.

Three years ago, the Raider Network launched a high-tech broadcast trailer that meets the requirements for ESPN3 broadcasts. This 18-foot production trailer houses a crew of five that produces, directs, and coordinates each event. The trailer utilizes the latest in high-definition broadcast equipment. The Raider Network is capable of producing events that require up to 10 cameras, 8 channels of replay, 32 channels of audio, and high-definition graphics packages.

The Jackson Academy Sports Broadcasting Class students have the opportunity to further expand their knowledge of broadcasting.  These students had exposure to running cameras, operating studio-level production gear, video switchers, and graphics packages. Several students also helped produce the production from a directing role all the way to commentating on the events. Graduates are already getting exposure beyond their high school years. Multiple JA alum assists in the production of broadcasts in the SEC, while also giving back and helping with the Raider Network.

Producing a product that is as high of quality as the events being broadcast was a very important reason for the creation of the Raider Network. The Raider Network is known not only statewide, but also regionally for the quality of broadcast at the high school level. The Raider Network has been invited to broadcast several athletic state championships due to the high broadcast quality.

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